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ACT FROM YOUR ART provides paintings and intermedia art (video, electronic sensors, interactive and installation art) for corporate/business spaces, offices, workspaces and lobbies.


They are available for purchase and rent, and are also suitable for private collectors and public spaces, such as libraries, schools, and other such venues. 

Art gives us a brief vacation from the stress and pressures we all face on a daily basis.

Does artwork have a direct impact on employee productivity and well-being? It seems the answer is YES. 

Research by Exeter University’s School of Psychology found that employees who have control over the design and layout of their workspace are not only happier and healthier -- they’re also up to 32% more productive.

A C T   F R O M   T H E   A R T

15% of the profits will be donated to humanitarian and community oriented base projects, such as the philanthropic initiative, Food for Thought for the Homeless.