Act From Your Art is partnered with the humanitarian initiative, Food for Thought for the Homeless. 

15% of all profits are donated to their projects aimed at providing those in need with food/care packages.



Valentine’s Day 2016, Verona Sorensen ventured out into the bitter cold, with a friend and a car full of food and gifts. The intention was to pass out a number of backpacks – care packages to whoever looked like they could use some food and a few extra amenities.


This project, FOOD FOR THOUGHT FOR THE HOMELESS, she says,

is a platform where she's attempting to connect with her own humanity, and welcome others to join her.

'The food/care package initiative more recently came to mind, but its realization was a long time in the making. A string of key moments, homeless friends, discussions, books, meetings and thoughts over the years had preceded this wake-up call.'


The FOOD FOR THOUGHT FOR THE HOMELESS package distributions takes place in Montréal, multiple times throughout each year. 


Depending on the season, a package generally includes a fold-up backpack, wool socks, new underwear, a Tim Hortons $10 gift card, packet of Kleenex, bar of soap, shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, toothbrush protector, a sketchbook, a pen and pencil, pencil sharpener, an eraser, plastic utensils, napkins, homemade sandwiches, pasta, vegetable stir-fry, salad, celery and carrots, fruit, pastries, and chocolates. 


These packages are especially unique for they contain a hard-covered sketchbook that can be used for writing and drawing. A place where a person can express and reflect and keep creative, hence the name 'Food for Thought for the Homeless'.


'Thank you to those who have already participated. It’s truly warming to the heart to see so many people getting on board with such enthusiasm. Let's keep the momentum going!'

If you are an individual or businesses and would like to know more and/or participate in our cause please contact us below.




Airbnb Toronto Headteam

Ananda Om

AGBU Montreal

Boulangerie Patisserie L’Artisan 
Canadian Tire

Canadian Women's Club

Centrale Culinaire

Centre Energétique Alfa Omega

Chez Robin

CJAD 800 Montreal

Clinique Dentaire Regency

Copper Branch

Delicieux Veg Fusion Cafe

Duc de Lorraine



Ivka Forest

Le Dollar Royal

Le Panier Belge

Les Copains D'Abord

Marché Hung Phat

Montreal Friends and Fun (Marian's Meet-up Group)

Motion 165

Nature Sante

NDG Florist


NYX Cosmetics Cananda Headteam

OLA Bamboo

Oneka Elements

Pizzeria Magpie Mile End 

Queen Elizabeth Dental Services

Saint George's Anglican Church

Saint Michael's Mission (Red Roof)

Supermarché PA

Supermarché Raza

Vivaldi Sac

Vinesh Foundation

Zayat Aroma


Toumaj Ansary

Barry Alias

Shams Al Habib

Ashraf Al Sarraf

Jonathan Ali

Sandra Simao Andrade

Carlos Alberto André

Nora Arabian

Hague Arslanian

Steve Asztalos

Francisco Azares

Papy Bakayoko

Ghislain Beaulieu

Mathias Beaulieu

Jean-Pierre Bégin 

Bea Belloc

Rachel Bendayan

Sarah Berry

Mary Bogdan

Liz Bono

Maureen Buck

Brenda Mac Mullen Budd

Corinne Cadou

Stephanie Cadou

Charlotte Joy Callender

Carolyn Jennifer Callender

Manu Cambresy

Michelangelo Campisi 

Vincent Castonguay

Susana Cardenas

Ada Catalano
Mireille Chalifour

Nomsa Chari

Amalia Chifa

Maya Cholette

Daniel Christie

Andre Ciuvillin

Michel Courcy

Aliona Cozari 

Sara Cruz

Mino Dallosto

Devin De

Normand Deschamps

Normand Deslandes

Céline Diallo

Vukasin Draskovic-Postic

Tim Edwards

Simone Escutin 
Matt Evans
Naeco Farah

Carolyn Fe

Rolph Fernandes

Stephanie Ferreira

Lindsay Ficara

Kathleen Finlay 

Stephen Finley

Mario Funes

Sylvain Frappier

Maurin Arellano Frellick

Donna Foster-Larocque

Anna Gardois 

Anne-Julie Gaudreau

Aisling (Ash) Greally

George Green

Denis Grondin

Brana Giancristofaro

Sathya Prabha Girish

Gianni Giuliano

Kakim Goh

Xian Goh

Veena Gokhale

Robin Golt

Charlotte Gorchon

Sergina Guéry

Sonia Haferstich

Rana Hajjar

Quinn Hartwig


Karin Haze

Sean Henriques

Franck Hugbéké

Jennifer Hornyak

Janice Ian

Gary Ikeman

Prince Ilyas

Chris Jammal

Catherine Jazbinsek

Robert K Jennings

Adrienne Johnson

Jumaid and brothers

Sofia Kartseva

Serafin Kartsev

Mamareza Kavian

Edma Khaki 

Naveen Khan

Simina Kocsis

Katalin Konya
Gillian Knightley

Hanne Kristine Landbø

Nantha Kumar

Sol Lang 

Elode Lavergne

Sylvain Lauzon L’Aventurier

Michel Lestage

Emilio Losada

Helen Lotus 

Amanda Emslie Lozier 

Patrizia Luna

Marc-Antoine Olivier 

Dave Mackey

Lina Evangelia Maggio

Andy Manel

Nora Makansi

Lara Makansi

Maya Makansi

Helene Mathieu

Laura Mathieu

Colin Matthews

Cynthia Matthews

Sarah Mcevoy and 2 sons

Emma Martanovic

Martin Martanovic

Bernard Mayantz

Lauren McCallum

Siobhan McCann

Colin Mctavish

Anthony Mohammed

Monica Mojema

Brenda Mac Mullen

Peter Murphy 

Pierre Nadeau

Joe Nathan

Noushin Nasri

Jess Neat 

Marie-Josee Nuc

Judy Pan

Terrie Paparo

Thoma Papa

Frank Pagnell

Joanne Paquin

Birte Paul

Jean-François Pedneault
Jona Pelovska

Genevieve Perez

MarRan Pinsky

Randy Pinsky

Moni Ionescu Popa

Boris Popovic

Gaston Pouliot 
JF Prieur
Simon Prieur

Florian A. Prost

Pam Psihogios

Dan Quinz

Carina Raismann

Mark Rassi 

Frances Laure Raven

Katherine Raven

Alana Repstock

Claudia Marisa Ribo

Jean-Francois Robin 

Jack Robinson

Jason Rodi

Isabella Ross

Hala Al Roumani

Jason Rennalls

Jessica Ryan

Colin Sacco 

Vinesh Saxena

Francois-Olivier Aubut Sedawey

Vero Ah Sen

Zara Sheik

Catina Sicoli
Roger Sinha

Louis Sirico
Jennifer Slater

Bader Soma
Bella Sorensen

Lori Sorensen
Marcos Sorensen
Miguel Sorensen
Victoria Sorensen

Subhathirai Subramaniyan

Cat Swift
Costa Sztrikacs

Heidi Taillefer

Janine Theriault

Marie-Grace Tossounian

Desiree Tremblay

Mika Tremblay

Patrick Trinidad

Peter Trinh

Peter Tucker

Ana Georgiana Valeanu

Matt Del Vecchio

Echo Jade Vergil

Iveta Vicenova

Martinko Vicenova

Lisa Villani

Lisa Wadup
Anna Walker
Robert Walker

Hania El Warraky 

Janet Cowan Weber 

Howie Wiseman 

Caroline Zee 

Eloï A. Zayat

Constantine Zou

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