A quiet room is a place for employees to take time for themselves and implement wellness consciousness into their day, while at the workplace.


And art can help bring a sense of calmness and contemplation when experienced in a serene setting.

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'I once experienced such a space, when

I walked into the dimly lit Rothko room at the TATE museum in London.

I thought it resembled a meditation cave.

I felt relaxed and centred in the space and when I left I noticed something had shifted in my mood and spirit.

I felt changed from when I had entered.'

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Technological devices would be encouraged to be turned off or left in the locker component outside of the room.

A booking system would be found online, as well as outside of the room, where one could reserve it for a minimum of 15 minutes.

The Room to Relax / Quiet Room can be augmented based on the room designated for the project. The room should preferably be located in a quiet area of the building, otherwise adequate sound insulation can be installed.

The mood of the Room to Relax / Quiet Room will be determined by the art itself.

eg. interactive art and paintings could be included in the room to either inspire creativity or to inspire calmness, and lower stress.

 Inside a Quiet Room an art work can be installed. ACT FROM YOUR ART provides a selection of paintings and intermedia art that can be purchased or rented (if using a rotational program).

The cost to install a Quiet Room depends on each individual space, taking into consideration the size and the interior design that is chosen.


Contact us for more information on how to bring a Quiet Room to your workplace.

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A rotational program would involve

having our team come in to change the art in the Room to Relax every month or every 3 months or every year,

depending on the preference of the client. 

To rent or purchase art for your Quiet Room click here.